Awaken Your Inner Fire with Heather Ash Amara

QC-Heather Ash Amara

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We are innately powerful. Deep within us all lives a fire, a light that is uniquely our own, that longs to shine out into the world.

But sometimes life gets in the way of our light. We are deeply conditioned to surrender our light, to fall into place and do the things we think we have to do to fit in, fulfill our obligations, take our adult place in the world…

When we give up our fire, it doesn’t go away. It certainly can feel like it’s gone out. In reality the embers still glow, waiting for us to rekindle our inner light…

We feel it as discomfort, depression, even physical pain – all signals that our soul sends us to remind us to tend to our inner fire.

Sometimes we feel like we’re drowning in a life we didn’t choose, that the circumstances of our obligations take over and we have no choice but to compromise and give in…

The warrior within us reminds us of our power. We have to power to disassemble a life that is out of alignment. We have the power to burn away all that no longer serves us and we have within us a warrior who knows, that our real power does not stem from destruction, but from our capacity to align with the truth of who we really are.

This is the path of the awakened warrior.

And when we wake up to the power of this path, we can take our right place in the evolution of the world.

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