Beyond the Imprint with Kate O’Connell

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The brain and the body don’t always know the difference between a real event and a memory. When we experience trauma and pain, we can store it in the body and sometimes re-experience it over and over again, paralyzing us and holding us back from fully embracing the joy and love that life can offer us.

We are often imprinted by these traumas. Not because we’re broken or dysfunctional but because we are programmed for survival. These traumatic imprints serve to protect us, keep us aware and on our toes, preparing to defend ourselves should we re-experience these traumas in our lives again.

We think that we need to heal our minds. Just change our thinking about events, or even try to not think about traumatic events or losses again. But the imprint in our body overrides our minds and even the most intense attempt at mind mastery sometimes can’t change the impact of the imprint of events on our body.

These imprints can keep us in a constant state of low grade stress and stimulate our adrenals causing us eventually to burn out in life.

This burnout can be physical, emotional and even spiritual, leaving us living our lives in pain or forcing us to turn off the full light of our being in order to survive on a day to day basis.

Think about this for a moment. Ask yourself, are you living life full on? Do you leap out of bed each and every day eager to get at life? Do you drag yourself home at the end of the day and hide out with Netflix and your favorite ice cream? Do you hide from your dreams. Is quiet despair part of your mindset?

Kate O’Connell proposes that we can move beyond the imprinting of trauma in our bodies and that sometimes the trauma we carry isn’t even our own, but a result of things that happened to us generations before we were even born, carried in our epigenetic lineage.

To heal, to truly heal, we have to heal on a cellular level and an integrated energetic approach is crucial to making our healing permanent.  Join me in the Quantum Conversation with author of Beyond the Imprint – Kate O’Connell.