Busting the Myth of the Mind-Body Connection and the Power of the Quantum Brain with Dr. Amit Goswami and Dr. Valentina Onisor

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The wholistic approach to wellness, education, stress-relief, alternative medicine, and more lies in the integration of the mind, body and spirit. 

The phrase, mind, body, and spirit – the holy trinity of wholistic well-being – from its inception, gives us a dilemma.

There is no separation between the mind, the body, and the spirit.  They are One. 

And yet, the nature of the way the brain works and the materialistic interpretation of life, insists that the mind, the body, and the spirit are all separate entities, chugging along independently, hoping to be harnessed in unity somehow as the end-result of “awakened living.”

Materialistic thinking wants us to rank mind, body, and spirit in order.  Which comes first?  Which one is the most important?  Which one controls the functioning of the rest?

But if we try to answer these questions, we end up sending ourselves down a rabbit hole that mimics the question of the chicken and the egg. 

Or the challenge set up by the phrase, “I am a liar.” If the phrase is true, then you are lying.  If the phrase is a lie, then you’re telling the truth. 

In their new book, The Quantum Brain, physicist Dr. Amit Goswami and physician Dr. Valentina Onisor explore the mind, body, and spirit dilemma by untangling the myths of our understanding of the brain.  By learning how to use the brain as a tool to help us influence the way in which we perceive meaning and purpose in our lives, we tap into our natural ability to align our mind and consequently our bodies and the flow of spirit through our lives in a way that optimizes our potential for well-being and abundance.

We are designed to work in collaboration with the flow of Life’s Intelligence working through us.  Join us for this mind-expanding conversation about the true purpose of the brain and how to optimize the function of your brain.

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Facebook:  www.facebook.com/quantumactivism

Twitter:  @quantumactivist

Website:  www.amitgoswami.org

Amit Goswami, PhD discovered the solution to the quantum measurement problem and developed a science of experience.  He developed a theory of reincarnation and integrated conventional and alternative medicine within the new quantum science of health.  Among his discoveries are the quantum theory of the creative process, the theory of quantum evolution, the theory of quantum economics, and the theory of quantum spirituality based on the exploration of wholeness.  He is the author of numerous books.

Amit started the quantum activism movement, establishing a transformative education institution, Quantum Activism Vishwalayam (QAV) in India, based on quantum science and primacy of consciousness.

Amit is a spiritual practitioner and calls himself a quantum activist in search of Wholeness.

Valentina R. Onisor, MD is a family medicine physician who integrates alternative medicine systems into her practice.  Committed to consciousness awakening-related sciences and a pioneer of quantum integrative medicine, Valentina has made correlations between the ancient sciences and quantum physics, using both as a support for teachings.

As a leader in transformational education, Valentina serves as a teacher, co-founder and Dean of Students at Quantum Activism Vishwalayam.  She is also a lecturer at Quantum Academy in Brazil.

Finally, Valentina is a coauthor (along with Dr. Amit Goswami) of another recently released book, Quantum Spirituality.  (on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/9353479339/)

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