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This season our theme has been creativity. 

We tend to think of creativity as art, music, dance and often designate being creative as an afterthought – something we allow ourselves to indulge in after we’ve done our real work.

In our school system, our focus has shifted to exploring educational systems rooted in STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math.  Notice which topic got left out of that clever acronym.

There is no art in STEM.

And yet, in the interviews we’ve conducted this season, we’ve heard over and over again that some of the world’s most innovative thought-leaders and scientists have a creative practice of some kind that supports them in being creative in their field.

My guest today is Flora Bowley.  Flora is an artist, retreat facilitator, creative catalyst, and author of five books: The Art of AlivenessBrave Intuitive PaintingCreative RevolutionFresh Paint, and Earth is Holding You. Her colorful and layered paintings are also used to design calendars, cards, planners, journals, fabric, and unique product lines sold around the world.

Flora encourages us to look at the art of our life, to explore how we can use creativity to unlock and unbind ourselves from old ways of being and thinking.  I hope that this interview will have you contemplating the role that creativity plays in your daily practice.  I hope that you’ll explore new ways to break free from the trap of hard metrics that puts you in boxes instead of inviting you to create your own world. 

Without creativity, science is just repetition.  Propagating the same ideas over and over again.  Limiting the questions we ask and closing us off to the possibility of finding the elegant solutions to our challenges. 

Without art, we can’t tap into our creativity.  If art changes everything, the very first thing it changes is our fundamental relationship with ourselves and our ability to move from inspiration to fulfillment, from idea to innovative solution. 

Join me for this powerful conversation as we explore the role of creativity in transforming the world.

Flora Bowley (pronounced bowl-lee) is an artist, author, and gentle guide whose creative process and soulful approach to living have touched thousands of lives.

In her most recent book, The Art of Aliveness, Flora explores the vast ways in which the principles of creativity can serve as fuel for a more alive and awakened way of living in the world – no paintbrushes required. Find The Art of Aliveness at or at

Flora believes that creative expression is waiting to unfold within every person who is brave enough to trust, let go, and explore, and it is through this kind of heartfelt expression that truths are revealed, lives transform, and new worlds are born. She lives and creates in Portland, OR.

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