Dr. Paul Drouin and Integrated Quantum Medicine

QC - Paul Drouin

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The marriage of quantum science and health care – integrative health care – has the potential to change the meaning we give illness and empowers us to create a new definition of healthcare – The kind of health care that is compassionate, is easily available to everyone and radically reduces the need for a way of doing medicine that, in essence, heals only the final physical manifestation of pain, not always the root cause of the pain in the first place.

Quantum science shows us that when we manifest illness or disease on a physical level, we have been energetically harboring the root cause of our illness, long before it shows up in the body.

This isn’t a new idea.  Many ancient health care systems such as aryuveda and acupuncture, have know this for thousands of years.  More modern healing systems such as energy psychology, flower essences, essential oils, homeopathy or even healing touch support this idea, too. 

Quantum science has given us the proof that by the time we experience pain or disease on a physical level, we’ve often been carrying the energetic markers of pain or disease in our personal energy field way before it manifests on the body.  And that by working with the energy blueprint of the body, we can prevent disease often before we manifest physical illness and pain.

The world faces a major health care challenge.  We are either struggling to pay for ever growing expensive health care or insurance, or we’re saddled with socialized medicine that gives us health care but not many options or, even worse, we’re struggling to gain access to any kind of health care.

Often, we don’t confront the challenges of health care until we’re in a situation where we really need it. At that point we’re either in too much pain or too scared to really know what our options are.

Government agencies go round and round about how to pay for skyrocketing health care.  Here in America, it’s a topic that stirs up big emotions for many people, with many different view points.

What if the questions we are asking ourselves about how to fix the healthcare system are the wrong questions? 

What if the root of the problems in health care is that what we are calling health care is actually sick care?  What if we can not just PREVENT disease and illness but we can actually treat the subtle signs and causes of illness before they manifest on the body?

And align people with wellness…. permanently.

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