Goddesses, Archetypes and Healing the Heart with Kavitha Chinnaiyan

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The wisdom of the Mahavidyas, the ten wisdom goddesses who represent the interconnected darkness and light within all of us, has been steeped in esoteric and mystical descriptions that made them seem irrelevant to ordinary life.

The power to heal ourselves lies in our power to understand the story of what is happening to us.Our brains are hard-wired to learn from stories. Young children learn about wisdom and values on the laps of their parents and grandparents in the form of stories and fairy tales.

The right hemisphere of the brain is designed to learn from the emotional and sensual essence of stories and the archetypes of the heroes in the tales.

We can use the power of archetypes, such as the Mahavidyas and their stories to heal ourselves and see the importance of what our life journey holds for us.

In her book, Shakti Rising: Embracing Shadow and Light on the Goddess Path to Wholeness, Kavitha Chinnaiyan, a respected cardiologist who found herself on a spiritual search for the highest truth, shares with us how to use the power of these ten wisdom goddesses to transform the physical journey of healing into a powerful path to self-actualization and alignment.