Heart Imagery with Daniel Mitel

QC- Daniel Mitel

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Please join me for this powerful Quantum Conversation with Daniel Mitel.  Daniel invites us to literally take a journey into our hearts.  We can’t live in our hearts if we are not in the heart of who we are.

I followed Daniels heart imagery meditation from his book, Journeys into the Heart, and saw myself standing in my physical heart.  As I felt the pink, pulsing walls around me, I was blown away by the love available in my own heart.  Just one little visual journey into my heart and my entire perspective on the world changed.

Just one little visual journey into my heart and I had a powerful touchstone experience of what it feels like to be in my heart.

The love that resides in our hearts is our most creative energy. 

It’s also the energy that connects us to each other.  You can not be in your heart and feel the rich, unconditional nature of true love without experiencing tremendous compassion for your divine brothers and sisters.

If the magnetic field of the earth synchronizes and connects us through the beating of our heart, it stands to reason that compassion is the way our hearts speak to each other. 

It is compassion that reminds us of the true value of life and the vitality of the existence of each an every one of us.

It is compassion that reminds us that we’re all in this together.  There is no me, only we when we stand in the heart of who we truly are.

Prepare to step into the power of your own heart….