How Ritual can Change Your DNA with Dr. Steven Farmer

QC - Steven Farmer

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It has been said that you create your own reality.  But, if that’s true, who is the “I” that creates your reality? 

Who you think you are, your perceptions, your thoughts, your reactions, your fears, even your beliefs can be deeply embedded in your DNA, leaving us to this profound question:

Are you really who you think you are?  Or is who you think you are a result of the legacy of those who have come before you?

Science shows us that our gene expression is regulated by proteins located on the genes.  These proteins are called epigenes.  Research has shown that these epigenes carrying information and programming that is laid down often generations before you are even conceived.

Think about this for a moment.  The experiences of your great grandparents, grandparents and parents influence your health, your DNA, your perceptions…Who you know yourself to be.

Research also shows that epigenes are malleable.  We can change our DNA by changing our epigenes liberating us from the old idea that we are basically “victims” of our DNA, locked into a code that predetermines so much of our lives.

We can break the chains of the past, change our DNA and heal ourselves…and our families…in all directions of time.

What if the “I” who you perceive yourself to be, has more power, more life, more light, more health, more possibility than you realize? 

And what if you can break the intergenerational ties that bind you into expressing less than the truth of who you really are?

Join Dr. Steven Farmer and I as we discuss how ritual can change your DNA.