Insights on the Four Components of the Manifesting Equation

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Trigger warning: Cancer (see below).

Transform your manifesting game with Karen Curry Parker as she shares her empowering story and how it connects to the manifesting equation.

Trigger warning/disclaimer: This episode contains discussions about cancer, including personal experiences and journeys. The content may be emotionally intense and could be triggering for individuals who have had personal experiences with cancer or are sensitive to health-related topics. If you find these discussions distressing, it may be advisable to skip this episode or listen with caution. Remember to prioritize your mental and emotional well-being and also consult with your medical team before making any changes to your medical routine.

 “Your physical reality is malleable, infinite, and never set in stone. You have the power to choose how you’re going to experience your world.”

  – Karen Curry Parker, host of Quantum Revolution and creator of Quantum Human Design™


Karen shares a deeply personal journey of facing breast cancer and discovering the profound connection between her body’s messages and the manifesting process. She recounts her struggles with traditional manifesting methods, the impact of her health crisis, and the transformative insights gained through self-reflection. As a solution to her struggles with traditional manifesting methods, Karen introduces the four components of the manifesting equation. As you listen to Karen explain the intricate interplay between mindset, energy, and physical reality, you will gain a holistic understanding of manifesting beyond mere positive thinking, realizing the importance of aligning personal narratives with desired outcomes.

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[0:00] Introduction to this episode, “Insights on the Four Components of the Manifesting Equation with Karen Curry Parker”.

[1:13] Dialogue with Karen begins.

[3:29] Karen’s story of discovering she had breast cancer.

[7:25] Rewriting the family narrative.

[10:29] The four parts of the manifesting equation.

[17:38] Putting the four parts together with a simple exercise about money.

[21:07] The Reticular Activating System and episode summary.

[23:00] Outro to this episode, “Insights on the Four Components of the Manifesting Equation with Karen Curry Parker.”


[Introduction to this episode, “Insights on the Four Components of the Manifesting Equation with Karen Curry Parker”]

Karen Curry Parker: I was at my wit’s end when one day in meditation, a voice in my head asked me, “How would I treat myself if I was my own client?” This question, as always, stopped me cold. And I realized that, if I was my own client, I would advise myself to start looking at my experience as a metaphor for my life. If my life was a story, and my body was giving me vital information about my story, what was my body trying to tell me?

[Introduction to the Quantum Revolution Podcast]

Intro: You’re listening to “Quantum Revolution with Karen Curry Parker”, exploring new frontiers in consciousness, science, and evolution. Join us in intimate conversations with cutting-edge scientists, spiritual leaders, artists, disruptors, and visionaries who are working towards reframing the narrative of our future by healing the rift between spirituality and science, reclaiming creativity, and laying the foundation for a new world.

Intro: And now, here’s your host, Karen Curry Parker.

[Episode dialogue with Karen Curry Parker]

Karen Curry Parker: In a world that sometimes makes you feel like you’re out of control, it’s only natural that you try to find meaning and a sense of power over what happens to you, including what happens to your body and your health. In recent years, the spiritual practice of manifesting has become part of popular jargon and practices.

Karen Curry Parker: You might have tried manifesting using visualization, vision boards, or even affirmations to try to create something that you want in your life. Manifesting is often distilled down to the idea that your thoughts create your reality. In other words, if you think it, it will come true. The better skilled you are at regulating what you think, the better you get at manifesting.

Karen Curry Parker: While thoughts are certainly part of the creative process, most people who try manifesting by simply thinking something into being are left feeling frustrated. Years ago, I taught a program called Prosperity Boot Camp, a course I created to help people learn how to get a better sense of control over the manifesting process in their life.

Karen Curry Parker: Mostly, I taught the class for myself because at that time, I was struggling mightily with my own manifesting and I thought that if I taught this process to others, it would keep me steeped in the information so that I could also see the results that I hoped for. Prosperity Boot Camp was filled with students who had followed the concept of “your thoughts create your reality”, with great zest, and very little results.

Karen Curry Parker: Personally, I was also having variable results with my manifesting even though I was pretty consistent with my visualizing and affirming. Despite the fact that I was using my mind with all my might to try to tackle my financial challenges and my relationship issues, it didn’t seem to really be working very well for me. I was a full-time single mom at that time in my life, raising my four children on my own while struggling to grow my business so that I could create the resources to take care of my family.

Karen Curry Parker: My dating life was miserable. I had a slew of relationships that reflected my own inner lack of value. There was very little time or energy left in my day for myself or for my own self renewal. I was living in survival mode, just trying to keep everything afloat. One day I found a lump in my breast. I was so terrified that I ignored it for a few months until I couldn’t risk denying the problem any longer.

Karen Curry Parker: As a nurse and an energy healer, I knew that I could visualize health and potentially improve the situation. I affirmed complete and total health on a daily basis, hoping that the lump would go away, but it didn’t. Finally, fearing that my children would lose their mother, I eventually found the courage to go to the doctor and face the reality of a cancer diagnosis.

Karen Curry Parker: I kept my breast cancer secret from everyone. I struggled through surgery alone, stoic, and self-reliant. Even though I faced pain, fear and illness, I continued to take care of my family and focus on my work. I had no friends. I didn’t want to burden my parents who’d already done so much for me. I didn’t want to talk about my illness with my clients or online because I felt like my cancer was a manifestation of failure.

Karen Curry Parker: My body was clearly demonstrating that I had no control over my thinking, and consequently what I manifested. After surgery, I was given tamoxifen, which is a hormonal therapy to prevent recurrence. The tamoxifen made my mood and my outlook on life extremely bleak. I struggled every day with deep depression, a common side effect of tamoxifen. This only served to deepen my sense of being a spiritual failure. The quality of my life descended and the stress from being ill, and still having to take care of my children, and create all the finances to keep us afloat took more and more of a toll on my mind, body, and spirit.

Karen Curry Parker: I couldn’t figure out how, as a metaphysical teacher, a longtime meditator, and a person with affirmations plastered all over my house, could be failing in such a phenomenal way to manifest perfect health. Heck, at that point, I would’ve settled, manifesting feeling even slightly better. I was at my wit’s end when one day in meditation, a voice in my head asked me, “How would I treat myself if I was my own client?” This question, as always, stopped me cold. And I realized that, if I was my own client, I would advise myself to start looking at my experience as a metaphor for my life. If my life was a story, and my body was giving me vital information about my story, what was my body trying to tell me?

Karen Curry Parker: I sat quietly with this contemplation, deeply aware that my body was crying to be heard. As I listened deeply and explored the messages my body had for me, I realized that breasts are a metaphor for nurturing. The manifestation of cancer in my breast held the story of my body and my life crying out for self-care and rest. I needed succor, spiritual nourishment, support, to be receptive to love, nurturing, and more balance in my life. I realized that in plowing forward to be everything that I needed to be for my family and for my business, coupled with the fear that if I failed I’d be letting everyone else down, I had neglected myself.

Karen Curry Parker: This neglect led to my body crying out and begging me to stop and nurture myself. For me, the first step was to stop taking the tamoxifen. This was an incredibly personal decision and if you’re facing similar issues please consult with your medical team before you make a similar choice. I needed to reconnect with my natural emotional energy in order to recalibrate and begin the process of creating a better story for my life.

Karen Curry Parker: Slowly, I added self-care and nurturing into my daily life. It was a very steep learning curve as I soon discovered how deeply I’d been conditioned by martyrdom. I reconnected with old memories of being praised for giving up what I need and want for the sake of others. I realized that I had internalized stories from the women in my family that lauded their sacrifices, turning them into saints who gave it all for their loved ones, regardless of the cost to their health and well-being.

Karen Curry Parker: This included stories of my grandmother accepting my grandfather’s infidelity and being praised for her patience and kindness. I eventually realized that I could create my life however I chose and that there was no merit to martyring myself. In fact, I discovered that I actually could do more for everyone, including myself, when I took care of myself first.

Karen Curry Parker: I worked hard to rewrite our family narrative so that my children would grow up with a mother who understood how to create healthy harmony in her life and who modeled self-care. My strength slowly returned. My body and I began to work together to create health. I listened to my body carefully and rested proactively, with gusto, an entirely new way of living.

Karen Curry Parker: Obviously, the restoration of my health was my biggest takeaway, but I also learned something vital about the manifesting process. You can think all the good thoughts you want, but they won’t manifest if your underlying story is incongruous with what you’re trying to manifest. To truly create what you want, you have to tell a story about who you are, and how you are, that matches how much you trust and believe that you are worthy to receive what you really want. My body taught me to value myself enough to take care of myself. I had to begin to believe that I deserved rest, support, and nurturing in order to rewrite the story of all my previous life experiences.

Karen Curry Parker: I realized that nothing outside of me could devalue me. Not my ex-husband, not my ancestral lineage, not even my finances. I learned that if I wanted more money, better health, more free time, and the presence to be truly with my children, I had to have an underlying story that precluded all of these outcomes.

Karen Curry Parker: Once I internalized this understanding, I began to heal my story. And my life’s creations shifted dramatically. In order to manifest, you have to understand the different components of the manifesting process. The manifesting process isn’t just about mindset and thinking, it’s a powerful physiological process.

Karen Curry Parker: To truly take control of this process, you have to not only change the way you think and live more authentically, and reclaim sovereignty over your personal story, you literally have to change your body and cultivate a practice that keeps you aligned with your natural creative power. Let’s start by exploring the parts of the manifesting equation before you learn how to put all these parts together to give you a formula for cultivating well-being and expansion, no matter what happens in your life. As you conceptualize all of these different parts of the manifesting equation, please remember that most of these parts do not exist on the material plane.

Karen Curry Parker: You are learning to become a master magician of energy and reclaiming your power to transform this energy into form. The first part is the quantum field of infinite potential. Right now, as you listen to this, you’re sitting in the middle of a field of information that contains every single potential for all of reality.

Karen Curry Parker: It’s just not manifest yet. This field is pure potential and contains the energetic building blocks that make up any situation, opportunity, or thing that you can dream of. And way more. Your brain can only imagine an infinitesimal portion of the potentials available to you in the cosmos. This field of information is full of quantum particles that move at the speed of light, and even faster sometimes than the speed of light.

Karen Curry Parker: When quantum physicists first tried to explain and measure quantum particles, they soon discovered that they could either measure the movement of a particle, or the location of a particle, but never both at the same time. As soon as the scientists had an expectation about where a quantum particle could be located, the particle dropped out of movement into its expected material form in its expected place.

Karen Curry Parker: In other words, the particle behaved as expected. Moving quantum particles represent potential. They aren’t actually manifest yet on the material plane. Quantum particles that have located drop out of movement and exist on the material plane. The meaning, or the expectation, we have about potentials determines how they drop out of movement and are made manifest in the material world.

Karen Curry Parker: The meanings you hold for the potentials of your life are determined by the second part of the manifesting equation, your conditioning field. You have a field of information surrounding you that contains the entire history of who you are and all the things that have ever happened to you. This field of information includes all of your past experiences, emotions, and beliefs related to these experiences.

Karen Curry Parker: It also includes memories stored in your body, including memories from your ancestral lineage. Your Quantum Human Design™, your unique energy blueprint, is also part of your conditioning field. Living in a field of information that contains infinite potential is overwhelming and untenable for most people.

Karen Curry Parker: You have, literally, unlimited choices for what you can create with your life. Your human body and mind, though, can’t process this much information without being completely overwhelmed and overloaded. Your conditioning field essentially acts like a filter. It helps you choose which possibilities you’re going to pluck out of the quantum field of infinite potential and what you’re going to manifest in your life.

Karen Curry Parker: Your conditioning field is the programming that you create with based on the experiences in your life. Your personal narrative, the story you tell yourself, and the world about who you are is crafted from your conditioning field. This story is setting the tone and the direction for your life, and has tremendous influence over what and how you manifest.

Karen Curry Parker: The third component, the Subtle Body, is your aura, the natural energy field that surrounds your body. This energy field is a template that holds together the energetic structure for what you are experiencing in your life right now. If you’ve ever had any kind of energy healing, such as Reiki, or healing touch, or used essential oils, or flower essences, or homeopathy, these treatments work on the Subtle Body level.

Karen Curry Parker: A good intuitive, or a medical empath, or a psychic can look at your Subtle Body energy field and see if you’ve been ill, or if you’re about to be ill, because they can see changes in your Subtle Body. They might even be able to see whether your soulmate, or money, is coming into your life because the changes in your physical reality exist first on a Subtle Body level.

Karen Curry Parker: The Subtle Body is often the piece of the creation equation that gets ignored. You accelerate and strengthen the creative process when you also work on the Subtle Body level. To create change, you have to start first with changing the stories you hold in your conditioning field. You have to rethink and rewrite your old narrative, the events of the past, and reclaim sovereignty over the events that have led to your current story. This means you have to change your mind, your thinking, and the patterns in your body. You also have to shift the habits you formed in response to your old story.

Karen Curry Parker: Even though interchange can be instant, it can sometimes take time for your body to catch up with the changes, especially if parts of your old story had elements that you cultivated to protect you and help you feel safe. When you first start changing your story, you’re vulnerable. You’ve disrupted your old story.

Karen Curry Parker: You can’t go back to how things used to be, even though it’s tempting. And it’s common to feel as if your new story is gaining strength like you’re sitting in a sort of void or a gap between your old story and your new story.

Karen Curry Parker: Sometimes when you’re in the void, old artifacts from your previous story pop back into your reality. That old boyfriend comes back. You get hit with an unexpected bill. You hang out with your old friends, and you start to doubt the new direction you’re trying to take with your life. It’s easy to make changes to your story.

Karen Curry Parker: Start the inner deconditioning process and immediately go back out into the world and get reconditioned again. It’s ironic that sometimes we’re trying to decondition in the exact environment that we got conditioned in in the first place. It can feel like a test of sorts. This is the time when a lot of people give up and stop trying to create something different.

Karen Curry Parker: Bolstering the changes you make by adding Subtle Body therapies, such as flower essences, can strengthen your new story and help hold it in place until it integrates into your body. Subtle Body therapies serve as a kind of bandaid or a poultice that help hold the changes you desire in place until you can integrate them deeply into every layer of your being.

Karen Curry Parker: The last component of the manifesting process is finally experiencing your creative intention and your story changes on the material plane. Your physical reality is part of an elegant feedback loop that mirrors back to you the changes you’ve made in your story and your energy field. The more you decondition yourself, take back control of your story, and learn how to regulate your Subtle Body, the more your physical reality will be as you’ve imagined it.

Karen Curry Parker: The better you get at this process, the more you learn to be in alignment with not only creating what you want, but influencing the timing of when what you want shows up. Your physical reality is malleable, infinite, and never set in stone. One of the most important things you have to do to become a fully activated creative is to realize that all of reality is a story that’s been made manifest.

Karen Curry Parker: If you don’t like what you see around you, it’s not locked or fixed. You have the power to choose how you’re going to experience your world. Here’s how it works. Now that you know the parts of the creative equation, let’s put all the parts together so that you can start to work with these parts in a deliberate, creative way and get what you want for your life.

Karen Curry Parker: Let’s start with a simple exercise. You’re going to need a paper and a pen to get started. Think of the word money. You can pause this podcast if you need to and write down every thought or feeling that you experience when you think of the word money. When you’re done, put your hand over your heart, take a nice, long, deep breath, and bring your awareness back to the podcast.

Karen Curry Parker: Here’s what happened as soon as you completed this exercise. As soon as you heard the word money, your brain produced a photon storm, a storm of light. Photons flashed through the nerve connections in your brain, causing your brain to produce chemicals called neurotransmitters. Congratulations, by the way, you are so powerful that you literally just transformed light into matter.

Karen Curry Parker: These neurotransmitters traveled through your body and produced an emotional response. The emotional response you created matches your emotional programming, your conditioning, around your money story. Let’s say, for example, that you have a fear that whenever you have money, you mismanage it and you’ll lose it all.

Karen Curry Parker: Whenever you think about money, this part of your money story gets activated and your body responds by creating neurotransmitters that stimulate emotions that match the story. Emotional energy carries a frequency which is variable depending on which emotions are generated. High frequency emotional energy calibrates your mind and body into a state of coherence.

Karen Curry Parker: Coherence happens when the heart, mind, and emotions are in alignment and cooperation. When you are in a state of coherence, you experience ease, a sense of well-being, and greater creativity. Low frequency emotional energy, including stress, fear, anxiety, or despair, put your body in a state of non-coherence.

Karen Curry Parker: Your thoughts and emotions trigger a low-grade fight or flight response. Your body and mind prepare to run or take defensive action, and your brain shuts down your natural creative response, causing you to be more reactive instead of conscious and deliberate. In addition to these emotional responses, your thoughts program your brain to look for evidence in your outer world that match the story you’re telling yourself.

Karen Curry Parker: You’re bombarded with thousands of bits of information a second. Your brain, which has beautifully evolved to be focused and attentive, can only process about 120 bits of information per second. In order to not go on information overload, your brain is programmed to sort through all the data you’re being bombarded with.

Karen Curry Parker: It only processes the bits of information that are relevant to you. Your brain has a system called the Reticular Activating System, the RAS, that programs which bits of data have meaning to you. The story you tell about yourself and your life programs the RAS to pay attention to the bits of information your brain is processing so that you see the evidence of your story in your outer world.

Karen Curry Parker: This reinforces the perceived truth of your story, causing you to potentially get stuck in old stories that don’t actually help you create what you want and what you deserve in your life. This is why the story you tell about yourself, including the way in which you interpret your Quantum Human Design™ chart, is such an essential part of what and how you create.

Karen Curry Parker: Your story, including the meanings you give your Quantum Human Design™, is simply a filter through which we see potentials. Create expectations which cause these potentials to manifest on the material plane and interpret them through the programming in the RAS in your mind so that your outer reality seemingly appears to mirror your inner world.

Karen Curry Parker: To transform your reality, you must reclaim sovereignty over your personal narrative in your inner world. If you are the source of the experience of reality in your life, you must first know who you are. If you are unhappy with the reality you are experiencing, to transform it, you have to start first with changing the story you tell about who you are. To start changing the story you tell about who you are so that it better reflects what you deserve and how you can take back control over what you create, get your free Quantum Human Design™ Chart at I’m Karen Curry Parker. Thank you for listening to Quantum Revolution.

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