Is my Loved One OK and more answers with Dr. Joseph Gallenberger

QC - Joseph Gallenberger

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Let’s be honest.  We’re afraid of death.

There is an existential worry that death will mean the end of us.  Our finite lives drawn to a complete circle and then nothing…

We not only fear our own death, we fear the death of our loved ones. 

Many years ago when I worked as a psychic medium, people would come to me wanting to connect with their crossed over loved ones.

Every once and a while people would want to know where did Aunt Lucy hide the bonds she promised me in her will….

But. by far, most people had two important questions:

  1. Is my loved one ok?
  2. Is my loved one still with me?

A strict Newtonian view of physics forces us into a mindset that death is the end of life.  Our physical life is all there is and once it’s over, it’s over.

What quantum physics shows us is that our physical life is the blossoming of a quantum possibility – a continuum of possibility that is expressed in a third dimensional existence – and, once complete, continues on as an eternal archetype that we can continue to commune with from the deepest and highest place of love.

Join Dr. Gallenberger and I for this fascinating conversation.