Listening to Challenges of Our Truth with Richard Jacobs

Richard Jacobs

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What is knowledge? 

Who decides what is knowledge? 

Or, on a more frightening note, what is truth?

We see this game being played out on many fronts on the planet at this very moment. During this season of Quantum Revolution, we heard stories from leading-edge scientists who are caught up in the reality of having to work around the system to share their research with the world.

In the next few episodes, you’re going to hear information and conversations that might challenge you on many levels. 

Today’s guest challenged me to really hear someone else’s truth even though some of it is in direct conflict with mine. 

There is a separate set of questions we also have to ask ourselves – especially during this time on the planet. If truth is malleable, who is right?  What are the absolute truths and values that you choose to live by?

What if, together, we can find the solutions to the challenges facing humanity today – even if, individually, we are quite different?

Richard Jacobs is the co-author of the Finding Genius book series and the creator of the Finding Genius Podcast. Richard Jacobs indulged his fascination with technology by starting the  Finding Genius Podcast  ( He didn’t know that it would end up taking him into hundreds of specialties in science, technology, and medicine. His book,

Finding Genius: Understanding Viruses: 30 Questions, 25 Geniuses, 100 Amazing Insights ( is the result of 30+ interviews of genius-level science professionals.

Rich’s thousands of conversations with gifted scientists shows how much promising work is going on right now that risks being starved of the funding, visibility, and other support it needs to thrive, often due to politics and conflicts of interest. However, there is only so much one person can achieve on his own. That is why Rich set up the Finding Genius Foundation ( ) as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit – to support this breakthrough work in a way that is sustainable.

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