Love and Evolution with Paul and Layne Cutright

QC-Paul and Layne Cutright

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It’s interesting and a little bit ironic that, in spite of our enlightened awareness of the power of love and compassion, we still can struggle mightily in our personal relationships.

In my years as working as a psychic medium, one of the most common and often most charged questions people would ask me was, “Is the person I’m dating my soulmate?”

Soulmate. What a super charged word. We say the word soulmate and we have fantasies of the perfect relationship with the partner who is our mirror twin, someone who never says “no” to us, never challenges us and gives us a totally perfect union. No fighting. No power struggles. No leaving towels on the floor.

It’s interesting that many of us embrace the idea that we need struggle as part of our soul path. Struggle helps us discover what’s truly valuable in life and the depths of our capability and power.

But when we struggle in our relationships, we very easily slip into the old pattern of blaming our partner. She’s not “the one”. He’s not my soul mate…. He’s not on the same spiritual path as me…

Our soulmates are not here to co-sign on our dysfunctions and smile as us endearingly while we continue on the static path denial and blame.

Our soulmates arrive on the doorsteps of our hearts to challenge us, push our buttons, make our lives uncomfortable and show us the depths that our hearts can go to in this very human experience of Life.

Join me for this week’s Quantum Conversation with Relationship and Evolution Experts, Paul and Layne Cutright. We’re talking about love, true love and what’s up on the planet right now.

What Paul and Layne so beautifully demonstrate and teach is the power of self-awareness and the soul purpose of partnership as a key element for our own personal growth.

This life we are living is about being fully expressed soul energy in form. It feels like a nice theory but when we have to live it in our daily lives it can be a bit of a roller coaster. Our soulmates – our true soulmates – come to challenge us, push on us and inspire us to stretch beyond our limitations and to discover how to be and express love beyond the limitations of our human understanding.

The world needs love in action. The world needs an army of lovers who can set clear and loving boundaries, who can courageously reveal the truth to each other, who can see with fresh eyes what needs to be healed, released, aligned and brought into the Light.

Love, true love, is work. But it’s the work that will, ultimately, save the world