Quantum Consciousness and Human Evolution with Dr. Amit Goswami

QC-Dr. Amit Goswami

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Over the past few decades, science is undergoing a major paradigm shift from a materialistic way of seeing the world to a Quantum world view.

Material perspective, rooted in Material Consciousness, sometimes referred to as Newtonian Consciousness is rooted in concepts such as:

  • The idea of Finite amounts and solution
  • Fixed laws with probable, possible and predictable results
  • Formulas
  • Reasoning
  • Logic
  • Nature and Natural Law
  • A drive for “certainty”

In material consciousness we are trapped in assessing the world from a material point of view which we tend to quantify using money, predictability and material worth as the gold standard of value.

With the emergence of Quantum Physics in the 1920’s, we saw the manifestation through scientific understanding of a new consciousness, sometimes called Quantum Consciousness.

Quantum Consciousness brought us:
The “New Thought” movement
Thought leaders such as Ernest Holmes, Edgar Cayce, Madame Blavatsky, Rudolph Steiner, Maria Montessori
We saw the emergence of the idea, “Thoughts create your reality”
We discovered that We are all connected by virtue of the Quantum Field
We create non-locally and instantly
That we are Fundamentally creative and our consciousness can deliberately harness the power miracles and transcend the limitation of logical beliefs.
Quantum Consciousness is rooted in the drive for Well-being
and teaches us to embrace change, uncertainty and the fulfillment of potential

Quantum science has given scientific validity not only to our potential oneness but also to our subtle experiences of feeling, meaning, archetypes, and spiritual wholeness. According to the quantum worldview, the creative exploration of these experiences propels us toward a transformational mindset.

Join me for a powerful Quantum Conversation with Quantum physicist Amit Goswami, PhD, a retired full professor from the University of Oregon’s Department of Physics. He is a pioneer of the quantum worldview. His insights and teachings, available in the form of several books and documentaries, are in line with the world’s wisdom traditions, especially the Indian Vedanta/Yoga/Buddhism tradition.