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The frustrating part of science is that it takes time.  It takes time to validate an experimental process, duplicate the process enough times to verify that the results are relatively predictable and to calculate and demonstrate the statistical probabilities.

When it comes to doing research about health and wellness, it’s hard to wait out the time for scientific validation for compassionate reasons.  The Hippocratic oath starts with the promise to “first do no harm”.  But the science behind healthcare can sometimes create a dilemma. 

In today’s Quantum Revolution episode, we’re going to be talking with Dr. Peta Stapleton who has been building a body of scientific evidence behind the Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT.  Some of you may know it as “tapping”. 

What if the “doing no harm” means taking a risk and implementing something that seems anecdotally “harmless” and truly beneficial before science has time to validate a healthcare innovation? 

Sometimes we have to stand in both places at once.  We can take a calculated, intentional risk to implement a process that is seemingly beneficial – with caution – inform our clients that the science behind the choice is still emerging, while we wait for the patterns to be scientifically verified and validated over time.

This process takes pioneers who are willing to take a leap of faith.  Both the practitioner and the patient have to be willing to trust that the experiment is worth trying and understand that the results are not guaranteed. 

But then again, with healthcare, to a certain degree, the results are never quite guaranteed.  There is no one size fits all approach for treating people. Only statistical probabilities that treatments will work…

The decision to take a calculated risk for the sake of healing, is a personal choice, provided the outcome doesn’t impact the well-being of others.  But, collectively, we have to understand that these calculated risks, while they may be end up being a “hail Mary” pass on the personal level, are not scientifically valid. 

While the practice of EFT tapping, has not been around as long as acupuncture, one of the main components of EFT is the gentle tapping on those same energy lines, or meridians, used in acupuncture and acupressure. When combined with some current psychotherapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Therapy, tapping yields amazing results.

EFT was developed by Gary Craig in the 1990s based on his study of work done by Roger Callahan in Thought Field Therapy (TFT). TFT was one of the first methods in what is now called Energy Psychology. As Craig realized the potential of this approach, he worked to refine and simplify the techniques while maintaining positive, measurable results: an evidence-based methodology. He ultimately developed a simple yet very profound set of techniques which he made available to everyone on his website

Dr Peta Stapleton is a registered clinical/health Psychologist and Associate Professor, Bond University (Australia) who embraces evidence-based and innovative techniques.  Peta is a world-leading researcher in Emotional Freedom Techniques (‘Tapping’) and led a world first study investigating brain changes after EFT.  She was awarded the Harvey Baker Research Award for meticulous research (Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology), and was named 2019 Psychologist of the Year (Australian Allied Health Awards). Peta has authored The Science Behind Tapping: A Proven Stress Management Technique for the Mind and Body (Hay House), which won Best Self-Help Book (2019 Best Book Awards, American Book Fest)

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