The Five Elements with Dondi Dahlin

QC - Dondi Dahlin

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We often operate on the assumption that humans are all the same. We have similar drives, desires and temperament. It’s almost like there’s some kind of earthly blueprint for being human and any variation that we experience away from this blueprint makes us wrong, bad or less than.

Many of you may have had this experience. We are raised in families that either feel comfortable to us or families that we struggle to fit in to. I’m not talking about love here. I’m talking about feeling like you belong or fit or are even SIMILAR to the people you grow up with.

The truth is, after coaching people for more than 28 years, most people feel like they don’t fit in or that there is something wrong with them. Most people feel like they don’t quite fit in…

Ancient wisdom has taught us for centuries that life is comprised of different energies embodied in the elements fire, earth, water, wood and metal and that these elements have different qualities and characteristics.

The five elements originated in ancient Chinese medicine more than two thousand years ago – when scholars theorized that the universe is composed of these forces.

If we are part of the world and these elements of energy are contained within the world, it stands to reason that we, as humans embody the themes of these energies. And, given the diversity of the world we live in, it also stands to reason that we are each uniquely configured in the most delicious and diverse way possible because it’s our diversity that makes life possible.

What if you’re not broken, stuck or blocked but that you simply have your own unique energy configuration and that this configuration influences your personality, your health and, of course, how you “fit” into the world?

What if understanding the nature of your elemental energy allows you to bring yourself back into balance with yourself so that you can understand who you are, build better connections with others and answer the most important question in the world: Who Are You?

Join me and Dondi Dahlin, author of The Five Elements for this week’s Quantum Conversation.