The Future is Written in the Stars with Kim Gould

QC Kim Gould

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Since the beginning of humanity, we have looked to the stars for answers. Gifted people can read the stars and help us understand the themes playing out in our own evolution.

The stars do not forecast the future, but they carry the themes that help us choose which direction we will take ourselves. This isn’t sorcery. Scientific evidence suggests that our physiology is impacted deeply by celestial movement.

When I worked as a midwife, it was common knowledge that full moon energy would bring more babies. Many physicians, nurses and emergency medical technicians, people who aren’t often prone to superstitious beliefs, will swear that the full moon energy brings more intense cases and even a heavier patient load.

Many modern astrologers hypothesize that a code for the evolution of humanity is written in the stars and that the energy humanity is wrestling with is part of a bigger scheme, a Universal plan assisting us in creating a new world, a world that will be eventually rooted in the themes of sustainability and peace.

But we can’t get there until we do our work. The disruptive planetary themes that are at play right now are heating up evolutionary themes on the planet. We are witnessing the end of polarity and old archetypes that have created the themes of lack, powerlessness and suppression.

The planets suggest that we will get to the other side of this struggle. But how we get through this struggle is, ultimately, up to us. Will we resist or will we embrace this shift and hold steady with a vision of the world we are meant to manifest?

Join me for this empowering Quantum Conversation with Kim Gould, creator of Emergent Human Design, as we talk about the celestial weather and planetary shifts.