The Illusion of Money with Kyle Cease

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“This first voice will be like, what if we left this job right now?

And then the second voice will come in and be like, yeah, but if we do, we can’t go to The Cheesecake Factory party next Thursday.

Then the first voice is like, dude, if you’d learn to listen to me, you’d own all the cheesecake factories in a month.”

Today’s guest, Kyle Cease, New York Times bestselling author, comedian, renowned public speaker, and the creator of Evolving Out Loud.

Our fixation with money often causes us to compromise who we are. We put off our authentic self-expression and the fulfillment of our dreams until after we have the money. When we internalize the message that it’s not ok, or profitable, to be who we are and how we are, we stop ourselves short from accessing true freedom, our natural power, our creativity, and even our health and wellbeing.

Come along and have your illusions shattered on today’s powerful conversation with Kyle and Karen.


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(00:00-1:39) Introduction to this episode, “The Illusion of Money with Kyle Cease”, with Karen Curry Parker.

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(2:17-2:39) Welcoming Kyle Cease.

(2:39-9:53) The incredibly charged conversation about money and Kyle’s explanation of what exactly is the illusion of money.

(9:53-16:29) The quantum field is infinitely abundant, I have access to this, I can shift my perception… but, what if I don’t have rent?

(16:29-21:44) Transcending the narrative of the old stories and the “Yes, but…”.

(21:44-34:44) What is Kyle Cease’s biggest success story?

(34:44-37:02) Giving ourselves the gift and the courage to allow.

(37:02-41:31) The Absolutely Everything Pass with Kyle Cease.

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(43:59-46:30) Final thoughts from Karen Curry Parker.

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[Introduction to this episode, “The Illusion of Money with Kyle Cease”, with Karen Curry Parker]


Karen Curry Parker: As a culture, we are obsessed with money. Even if you think you’re not obsessed with money, you probably tie at least some part of your perception of your security to your money.

Karen Curry Parker: Our fixation with money often causes us to compromise who we are. We put off our authentic self-expression and the fulfillment of our dreams until after we have the money. When we internalize the message that it’s not ok, or profitable to be who we are and how we are. We stop ourselves short from accessing true freedom, our natural power, our creativity, even our health and wellbeing.

Karen Curry Parker: Today’s guest is on a mission to help you break free from the illusion of money. New York Times bestselling author Kyle Cease has a gift of merging comedy with personal transformation. As a comedian, Kyle has two, number one Comedy Central Specials and was voted as number one ranking on Comedy Central’s Standup Showdown.

Karen Curry Parker: After leaving his job as an award-winning comedian, Kyle dedicated his life to helping others and created Evolving Out Loud, which is a growing community with over 400,000 members worldwide. Kyle has personally coached over 15,000 people, and his YouTube videos have been watched over 60 million times. Kyle has made over a hundred TV and movie appearances, including Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Late Late Show, and his speaking events regularly fill large venues across the United States.

Karen Curry Parker: I hope you enjoy this illusion shattering conversation with Kyle Cease.


[Introduction to the Quantum Revolution Podcast]

Announcer: You’re listening to Quantum Revolution with Karen Curry Parker, exploring new frontiers in consciousness, science, and evolution. Join us in intimate conversations with cutting edge scientists, spiritual leaders, artists, disruptors, and visionaries who are working towards reframing the narrative of our future by healing the rift between spirituality and science, reclaiming creativity, and laying the foundation for a new world.

And now, here’s your host, Karen Curry Parker.



[Interview dialogue with Karen Curry Parker and Kyle Cease]

Karen Curry Parker: Hi everyone and welcome to Quantum Revolution. I’m Karen Curry Parker, and I’m so excited to have with us today a very special guest, Kyle Cease, who’s going to be talking to us about the illusion of money. And, I’m just really excited to have you here, Kyle. Thank you.

Kyle Cease: Oh, thank you for having me, I’m honored to be with you.

Karen Curry Parker: I wanna start really just off the top, straight to the heart of the matter. I think that the conversation about money is an incredibly charged, I think it’s a powerfully evolving and oftentimes very painful and frightening conversation to have. I will bring with you into this conversation my own experiences with money, and I don’t know if you’ve had similar experiences, but certainly I will say that, at various points along the way in my own life story, I’ve been bankrupt, I’ve lost a house to foreclosure just like almost everybody did. In 2008 ish. Shortly after my fifth daughter was born, two weeks after she was born, the repo man came and took my car. I was a full-time single parent at that point.

Karen Curry Parker: I had to get up in the middle of the night and run in a nursing gown with a newborn baby in my arms down the street because I needed to get the car seat out of the car ’cause I wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere without a car seat. Money was a really powerful place for me to learn about myself, to learn about my value. And the curriculum that money brought me was not easy, for many decades, I’ll say. And so I wanna open up this conversation with a compassionate perspective on this challenge because I, I believe so many times and we have this conversation. especially when we start talking about manifesting or consciousness, it’s presented in such a way that it’s sort of click your heels together three times, think positive thoughts and poof money will happen.

Karen Curry Parker: And I’m not saying that the formula for creation of financial support isn’t simple, but it’s definitely not often easy. So talk to us, Kyle , about what is the illusion of money and what do you mean when you say that?

Kyle Cease: Wow. Well, first of all, that book… I’m gonna actually probably take this much deeper, than just being at the level of money because the more and more I do, the work that I’m doing, I believe the stories that we hold are an illusion. I believe that the, identities we hold are an illusion. There’s so much more that’s an illusion than money, but, the premise, boiled down to the illusion of money the quickest way I could say it is that, I believe very much that the more we chase something, the more we want something, actually, the more we’re screaming, I’m not ready for it. It’s something that completes me, which is a declaration that you’re incomplete. And one thing that we forget is that every dollar you’ve ever made, every relationship you’ve ever brought into your life, every moment of joy or manifestation or anything came from you, in which case you should be excited about you and you are the source of everything you’ve ever brought in.

Kyle Cease: So it’s really weird when we decide mentally to make money this thing that’s bigger than us when we are the one that brought it in. I mean, money doesn’t bring us in unless, you know, like it’s, it’s, we are this now moment and that now moment is where all your creative ideas are. That now moment is just an expansive being.

Kyle Cease: That now moment just proves worthiness. There’s no such thing as unworthiness. All of these things are our premises that we created for ourselves to create limitation based on our childhood. One of the analogies I use in the book, the illusion of money is imagine you and I are out in the woods and I round a corner, and you don’t see where I go and I find a waterfall.

Kyle Cease: This ongoing waterfall. Wouldn’t it be weird if I just grabbed a cup, filled the cup up with water, ran back to you, didn’t mention the waterfall and said, look, a cup of water. You’d be seeing a cup of water, but you’d realize that it’s limited because you don’t see the waterfall. So you’d be looking at it from a limited place.

Kyle Cease: You’d be like, do I have enough water to pay rent? Can I donate any water? Your whole idea of water would be limited because you’re looking at a limited cup of water. But if I took you to the waterfall, you’d understand the infinite flow of water and you’d understand that you’re the source of it.

Kyle Cease: And it’s all right here. The first thing you do is just be like, well, we can donate a bunch. We can show other people. We can move based on our highest callings and not based on the limitation of lack and fear, and we can show other people that they are a waterfall. That’s what we would probably dedicate our life to.

Kyle Cease: And the fact that we create money as the scarce thing when there’s only one you, that’s much more scarce. You’re the only one of you. And there are callings that you have that are trying to, without you understanding this, take you to higher levels of all kinds of stuff, including income. But often we don’t follow them because we’re scared we’d lose money.

Kyle Cease: And that principle, keeping a job you don’t like so you can make money in most cases, is actually costing you so much more money. And we do this with everything. Thinking this person outside of me is the one versus I am and I have a connection with someone who’s also understanding that they’re the one, that’s an expansive relationship.

Kyle Cease: But when we make something outside of us bigger than us, I believe life has to take it from us to prove to us that we’re enough without it. our job in this moment is to understand that the now is more powerful than all the things that you think are bigger than you. And all the past stories, everything are here for a reason.

Kyle Cease: But if you start to really get the infinite power of you, you’ll realize that, you created a scarcity mindset because you grew up with parents that had egos, and in order to survive, you had to become whatever you needed to become to get your circumstances the way you need them. Well, you’re a grownup now, and so we’re out of that kind of thinking.

Kyle Cease: And if we don’t move, constantly in our forties and fifties as if we’re still five, and let our fear-based ego not do what it needs to do to survive like it did in the sixties or seventies. And instead, we live in the now and realize we need to stop moving from a place of fear-based survival, and that the now is trying to expand you way beyond any of this.

Kyle Cease: You’re going to be completely free. And the byproduct of that is a massive abundance. It’s just impossible for you to be in that freedom and not abundant. People that are listening to your podcast or know my work are doing much more awakened work than just the, you gotta hustle really hard to make money concept.

Kyle Cease: We’re here trying to figure out why we’re on this planet and who we are, and I find the more I follow what I’m learning and move in accordance with what I’m supposed to do to be in that higher alignment, the byproduct is easily more money, more joy, more love, more abundance. And ironically, the more you don’t spend it on addictive things because you’re so connected to yourself, so you also like cut spending dramatically because you’re not in this egoic out of alignment place where you need alcohol and the shiniest cars and the, you know, all these things to prove that you’re something because deep down you don’t think you are.

Kyle Cease: Does that make sense?

Karen Curry Parker: It totally makes sense. And I I wanna bring us back in the conversation to that place where, you have someone, and that can be I, I dunno if you go into that space, but I certainly every once in a while, still have to rework myself out of that space where you have this cognitive understanding of, okay, there is no lack. The quantum field is infinitely abundant. I have access to this. I can shift my perception. I can be in this now, I’m wildly inspired. But my daughter’s tuition is due next week, or, in more dire circumstances, , what if you don’t have rent or what if you don’t know where the next money for groceries is gonna come?

Karen Curry Parker: What do you do in those circumstances to keep growing towards that space of alignment, but to also get through where you are in that moment?

Kyle Cease: Well, first of all, most of the work that I do is point out how many situations we’re in that feel that dire, but aren’t truly that dire. Meaning like if we’re really talking down to you are starving and you are down to whatever you need to do to pay a bill so you don’t become homeless, that’s one thing and I can address that as we go, but I think that we create that level of fear when we’re not at that , and we start to realize in doing this work so much with so many people, I am catching that people that are scared of running out of money or being single even or anything else.

Kyle Cease: It has nothing to do with the actual money. They think it does, I have yet to find a person that I can’t do enough work to find out, okay, if I run outta money, that means I’m a failure or that means I’m shamed, and it brings up a pattern of trauma that they felt when they were a kid.

Kyle Cease: So for instance, if you grew up with a parent that said, money doesn’t grow on trees, or it’s not that easy, for you to find the abundant side of you, that would be death of your entire connection to your parents, right? That would be the death of your whole childhood. That would be, you’d have to go through a major phase of loneliness.

Kyle Cease: If you watched as your parents really struggled and made you believe the deep-rooted belief is money is not that easy and for you to tap into your infinite, it would actually have to kind of kill through love your entire identity as who you are as a person who grew up broke and believes that. And so you let go of attachment to dad’s identification with money, your grandma’s identification with money. Now we’re talking about people that came from the Great Depression, right? Who see money as a completely scarce thing. And I find that when people are like, I’m scared, I’m gonna not be able to pay rent, that is a symptom in almost every case of a deeper rooted issue. Because usually when someone says, I’m out of money, I don’t think I’ll have enough money to pay rent in two weeks, I usually go, okay, and what would that mean about you, if that’s the case? And usually that’s where we go through either a block where we’re hitting something or this complete revelation, that means that I’m not enough. And they usually attach not enough to something too, like abandoned or abused. Like, If you were a kid and your mom said “you need to do this to become enough” and you don’t do what they say, and then let’s say you get hit or abandoned, or they walk out and you were ashamed.

Kyle Cease: that’s trauma. And so that trauma’s stuck in the body. And the not being able to pay rent is actually a symptom of this deeper-rooted thing. I find that once that trauma is transcended, you’re actually tapping into a world of abundance that you didn’t know was there, because life up until that moment was don’t be abandoned, don’t be shamed, don’t be hit, don’t be yelled at, don’t hear mom say I told you so. And life does what it can to get those traumas out of you. So a way to get you to finally pay attention to that is get you to a place where you’re at $0 or get you to a place where you feel completely alone because then finally you go inward.

Kyle Cease: Not to go too far off on a tangent, but I almost believe 2020 and beyond were the years where we finally had to go inward. In other words like, 2019, 2018, we had our circumstances, in most cases, not every case, but decent enough that we didn’t have to look within. The identity most people, a lot of people at least, is as long as I have my job ’till retirement or I have this person and I can see that we’re together forever, I don’t have to look in the now and see what’s here.

Kyle Cease: I just have this kind of trajectory of a future that I can just grab onto and never have to know who I truly am and then, in 2020, all of our patterns were scrambled and everyone had to let go of everything that didn’t truly align, and they had to go inward and not necessarily be able to go to that job or hold onto that relationship or keep family members that you’re in arguments with about the pandemic, you know, and keep people in your life. Like people are letting go of relatives, siblings, parents, you know, exes.

Kyle Cease: To move forward, we’re actually having to kind of merge with source more and let go of everything that isn’t our highest alignment. So it’s kind of interesting because I think life was doing that with a lot of us and sometimes life has to make us broke for us to find the infinite power of what we are because up until then we thought money was our God.

Kyle Cease: And for a lot of people, if you had enough money in the bank, you never had to look inward. And in a way, egoically, we were living in a cage and life is going, I need you to lose a lot of comfort in order to find the infinite power of what you are and realize that’s worth way more than money. And weirdly, from that place, that higher frequency is worth a lot.

Kyle Cease: It’s worth way more. You move to a place where you realize you’re not replaceable. Money is. And, you want less and less too. Like you start purging things in the house and you want a smaller house, and you, around on a bike more than a car and you start to like, I don’t know, you find God in this time.

Kyle Cease: We’ve been making money our God and the universe has to take it from us to get us to see that it’s down to you and the actual universe, not, (laughs) you know, you’re making leaps in your life so that you can make more money. We’re really surrendering and saying to God, merge me with my soul no matter what the cost.

Kyle Cease: When you access that place, money’s not going to be an issue.

Karen Curry Parker: I love that. I love that. Let’s play out a scenario again. You’re looking at, okay, rent’s not here. Great, I’m so thankful, this is a lesson from Source reminding me of my power, I’m gonna stay in this moment and stay open. And then the argument for your limitations kicks in and all of a sudden the yes-buts kicks in.

Karen Curry Parker: What do you do when the “yes, but” or the old narrative, or the metaphors or the vehement protection of the story of your trauma kicks in, even though you may cognitively know, like, hey, that’s a old story. How do you transcend that narrative?

Kyle Cease: The big shift that has been happening for me and the clients that I’ve been working with in the last three years has been when a pattern comes up, a dark pattern, like I’m scared that I won’t be enough, I’m scared that I’ll fail, I’m scared that I’ll be abandoned. What I have them do is get that, first of all, that’s a pattern from the past.

Kyle Cease: That’s not you. You’re the one sitting here in this moment. And what that pattern needs is to know that it’s loved, even if that happens, even if they fail, even if they’re abandoned. So I have them take a deep breath and I have them say to the pattern, you are allowed to fail in my body. You’re allowed to be not enough in my body. You’re allowed to be abandoned in my body.

Kyle Cease: This, exercise in itself moves them from being like the fear of abandonment. Like up until that moment, everything they were doing was to not be abandoned, not be shamed, not be whatever. And that’s because that fear believes that if you fail or if you, whatever, every persons is different, but if they do have that negative thing happen, if they are not enough, if they are whatever, then they are a failure, then they die.

Kyle Cease: Right? If they have that thing, then like, in other words, the ego associates, that would be the end of the whole thing. If I fail, if I am not enough, I die. When you say to the pattern, you’re allowed to fail in my body, you’re suddenly bringing an unconditional love to the pattern that it’s never heard before.

Kyle Cease: And because it’s not hearing resistance and it’s hearing love. It ends up releasing itself in a lot of cases, but if you really think about it, the, I don’t want to feel abandoned is you at five years old and that’s what’s trying to run your money life (laughs) . Like it’s you trying to, because you associate, if I run out of money, then I disappoint my mom.

Kyle Cease: And you have a pattern in your body say you can’t disappoint anybody. Or if I run out of money, or if I don’t have security, then whatever, my parents will divorce again. Like almost everything we’re doing, in most cases is to avoid a traumatic experience we felt before.

Kyle Cease: And when you’re a kid and you feel something traumatic, you actually create an alter ego to fix it. For instance, if you get hit because you got an F in school, you might create this major achiever that’s achieving out of don’t get hit, and now you call that you, but it’s an alter ego identity. So when I work with people, I’m getting them to stop moving from that place and do it by seeing that place with the unconditional love of the now.

Kyle Cease: And the goal is much more to be with the now and bring love to the patterns, and thank them for helping you survive all the way up until now. And understand you’re at a much deeper consciousness now. And the deeper consciousness is trying to transcend all of these things that you’re doing out of deep-rooted fear because you associate if that happens to death. But it isn’t death, it’s birth of your true life.

Kyle Cease: If you can see the pattern from love and let it be there, it can be cried out, then you become more than now. This will sound crazy, but I believe deep-rooted ambition is fear. A lot of I gotta make something happen, and achievement, and motivation is so I’m not bullied again or so I’m not made fun of by my mom or so whatever.

Kyle Cease: If we could bring a level of love and unconditional listening to that pattern and become the parent we never had for it, it starts to leave. You merge with the now, from the now you move from a place of massive expansion and you just find that from this place, like your joy is in the now and it creates, it creates big time. And it also creates an income for you from all kinds of places you weren’t willing to receive.

Kyle Cease: For instance, some people have a pattern of I gotta do it all myself. And they only associate that the only way to make money is if you work really, really hard at a job. Well, you’re overlooking other places. You could also have friends that are trying to gift it to you. You could have a partner that’s trying to give it to you.

Kyle Cease: That’s also you manifesting it. You could have a tax issue where they suddenly give you money back. You could inherit it. You gotta get open to money coming from so many places other than money. Like sometimes people will do trades or you know, whatever. There’s so much abundance that you have, but people that end up broke in many cases, not all, are moving from a place of, “I am not enough and money’s bigger than me.” So life has to prove to them that they’re thinking that way and make them not enough so that they tap into the actual place.

Karen Curry Parker: I’d love it if you would share with us , if you’re able to do this, one of your greatest success stories with either you or your clients.

Kyle Cease: Oh my God, I mean, there’s thousands. We have, thousands of emails from people… trying to figure out the way, if I should just answer that directly, (laughs) or if I just say this like, I also associate success as evolving much more than how much money do I have.

Kyle Cease: I believe we measure success in relationships incorrectly. Most people think it’s based on longevity, so they think they had a successful relationship ’cause they were together 50 years or something like that. And many people that had 50 year relationships shut themself off to like keep that relationship going.

Kyle Cease: And success to me is, did you grow?

Kyle Cease: I have a ton of my own success stories. I can tell you, I can tell you a lot of my clients too, but I guess I’ll go to mine because I can walk you through everything in that.

Karen Curry Parker: Yeah, go for it.

Kyle Cease: like that with clients. of a major leap in my life that I believe very much that when, that we have higher callings show up. And a higher calling to me are these moments where you feel this almost opening, like a portal that asks an open-ended question? Like what if we ask that person out or what if we let go of this job or what if we wrote the book or what if I do nothing for a while?

Kyle Cease: What if we go to Italy? These kind of questions that can’t tell you what’ll happen if you do it, but it like feels like some kind of opening. Like what if you do? Usually when those moments happen, they’re followed by the egos response, which is trying to keep you back in the old story. So it comes up with why you shouldn’t. Right?

Kyle Cease: So this first voice will be like, what if we left this job right now? And then the second voice will come in and be like, yeah but if we do, it’ll usually come with a stupid reason. It’ll be like, yeah, but if we do, we can’t go to the Cheesecake Factory party next Thursday and, then the first voice is like, dude, if you’d learn to listen to me, I can’t tell you this because it’s trying to teach you to move based on real faith, but it’s saying, if you learn to listen to me you’d own all the cheesecake factories in a month, you know?

Kyle Cease: And the second voice is like, yeah, but they have those Thai lettuce wraps, and I really want that. If you’ve ever, if you’ve ever stayed in a relationship longer than you truly wanted to, because you know that eventually the two of you were gonna go camping. You know what I’m talking about, (laughs) like Like we ignore our callings, like I wanna let go of this relationship.

Kyle Cease: But at the same time, like I already bought the tent and we have a campground reservation for two months from now, so I guess I’ll hate them for two months and then hate ’em in the woods. This kind of thinking is what stops us from following this higher thing. And my life has been a massive amount of stories of leaping , and following true portals.

Kyle Cease: And it almost changing reality for me. When I was a standup comic, there was a higher me that said, what would happen if you left this? Which was crazy because, I, for instance, like am someone who, my dream was to be a standup comic and I was, I was, I had two comedy central specials and did a lot of late night shows and toured as a comedian.

Kyle Cease: I headlined most clubs in America and I did about a thousand colleges and a ton of corporate parties and was a very successful comedian. And this higher me said what would happen if you let go of standup comedy? , I was about to do a comedy club one week and I felt this higher me say, what would happen if you just didn’t go do it?

Kyle Cease: And my mind could measure the certainty if, well, I’m, making three to 5,000, doing every club every week and selling my CDs after the show and I’m growing this business, I can’t see how I would even make money if I let go. But I felt this thing in my body go, it feels better to let go of it.

Kyle Cease: So one week I decided, I’m done doing, I felt it wasn’t a 10 for me anymore to do standup comedy in a club. The following week, I felt this like freedom where I was freer than my dream career. Like I was even bigger than my dream career. And that was a new paradigm for me. And from there I could hear higher level thinking.

Kyle Cease: And I remember hearing this voice go, what would happen if you combined comedy and transformation? And I remember my ego going, well, the way you wanna do it, nobody’s ever done that. And my soul was like, correct! No one’s ever done that. I find the reason that you think you can’t is usually the reason you have to. If you combine comedy and transformation, no one’s ever done that, that sounds like a reason to not, but to me it was a reason to. It would be my own field.

Kyle Cease: I said what would happen if I made videos for the people that booked me for colleges and made videos for them personally for the week and asked them if they would be interested in having me speak at the lecture circuit.

Kyle Cease: And I had a friend of mine come out and film me while we made video after video. And on the videos I would say: Hey, this is Kyle Cease and I had done a bunch of movies, 10 things I Hate About You and Not Another Teen Movie and stuff. And I said, this is Kyle Cease and I’m interested in doing, you know, this is a message for whatever, Diane Johnson at North Idaho University.

Kyle Cease: I’m interested in doing your college as a lecture circuit. And I made like 500 videos. Now my friends that week were going, you could be doing a comedy club this week for like $3,000, $4,000. What are you wasting your time making these videos? Well, eventually, like a hundred people that saw the videos booked me, and that was for a much higher price.

Kyle Cease: We’re like talking more like 10,000 a pop. I was suddenly booked at like a hundred colleges, so, hundreds of thousands to like a million were coming in. And for me to do what I truly love when I let go of the certainty of money. And then I had an agency that was a huge agency and they were taking 10% of them the gigs, but they had nothing to do with this.

Kyle Cease: In fact, they wanted me to, go back to being a standup comic. They didn’t want me to do this comedy meets transformation thing. So they were taking 10% and were not in alignment with me anymore. Now my mind could justify keeping them because they were getting me auditions for movies. And I now have a rule that if I’m justifying keeping something, I have to let go of it.

Kyle Cease: In other words, what I do for a living, I don’t explain to anybody. And I also have a five year old daughter, and I never think to myself, well, she gets good medical, so I’ll keep her as a daughter. That would be crazy! But I know we know what it’s like to keep something we don’t like and justify it like, I hate this job, but I’ll get a promotion in six months.

Kyle Cease: Or that person treats me like crap, but they did get me a nice dinner once. When you justify something, that’s your mind kicking in and explaining to you why you’re ignoring your heart. And your heart knows what to do, but we’ve created this ego that’s explaining to yourself why you’re not following your heart.

Kyle Cease: So I felt it in my heart, let go of this huge agency and that was a crazy moment. But now I’m finding my alignment with myself is even bigger than the agency.

Kyle Cease: It was right after that that I get this call that Eckhart Tolle’s people and Jim Carrey’s people have created an event and they wanted me to come speak at it. And they combined forces at this thing called GATE: Global Alliance of Transformational Entertainment. They asked me to come speak at it, and I have to say how crazy it was because it was almost as if when I let go of the certainty of the agency and I let go of the certainty of standup comedy and had no idea what was on the other side, my career skyrocketed infinitely faster when I had no idea what was coming versus my little mental vision board, you know, my ego’s manifestation. I went on stage and had an amazing set and a bunch of people in the audience were producers and they started offering me parts and movies on the spot without even auditioning. So it was like when I let go of the agency who gave me the certainty of the auditions so I could get movies, I suddenly was getting movies (laughs) like, and I think it’s kind of funny how we think we need all these things on the external and then we make those things more our God than ourselves.

Kyle Cease: I have lived a life doing what I can to follow this higher me. And I eventually was doing these events in 1400 seat theaters and did seven, sold out two day events, at this one theater called the Alex Theater. And then I felt this calling in my body that said, what if we did the Dolby Theater, that’s the 3,400 seat theater that they do the Oscars.

Kyle Cease: And I felt this calling in my body that said, what if we did it? And we called the Dolby Theater. And this was a couple days before another event at the Alex Theater, which was 1400 seats, and we called the Dolby Theater and found out to rent it, it was a crazy six figure number, and I felt all the fear in my body that goes, “what if we put that deposit down and what if it didn’t work? What if it’s not sold out? What if it doesn’t fill?” But I heard this higher me that goes, I wanna do it. And I followed the higher me and I said, okay, we’re in. And we rented the theater.

Kyle Cease: When I decided to say yes, I moved from being a person that wants to do the Dolby Theater to a person who does the Dolby Theater. And when I went on stage at the Alex Theater that weekend, I was so in the pocket, and excited, and on a new frequency that I mentioned the next event being at the Dolby Theater. I wasn’t even pitching anything. There was no one in the back of the room, and someone in the front of the room jumps up and runs to the back, and then another person and another person, and I said, what’s going on? Where’s everybody going?

Kyle Cease: And someone in the theater yelled, they’re all trying to be the first to get tickets to the Dolby Theater! And then, everyone jumped up and ran to the back to get tickets and no, there weren’t, we weren’t even selling it. And so we had to stop the event that I was doing in front of everybody so my team could run to the back and sell tickets.

Kyle Cease: We had 1,250 people in the room that bought 1700 tickets.

Kyle Cease: So without even trying, I like converted like 130% without any effort. It was almost like the universe could sell way better than I could, like you know, the now in my leap had to be matched. And then once we sold those tickets, it was extremely easy to fill the rest.

Kyle Cease: So immediately we got the money back right there , and suddenly I did this Dolby Theater and we did this event at, you know, it’s the same room that Will Smith smacked Chris Rock and, and now, that is a product on our absolutely everything pass. And it’s something that people can see that’s a giant two day event that’s all off the cuff, where we shift people right there and it’s a $20 product that, we’ve sold thousands of, and has paid for itself and exponentially pays for itself over and over and over again.

Kyle Cease: Because when you let go of the old story and you move into the higher thing, you’re creating a new world that mirrors your leap so it’s impossible for the higher thing to not come in. But when you’re trying to manifest something in the old paradigm, you’re still the old small egoic self that’s trying to make things happen.

Kyle Cease: But deep down, you don’t believe you’re worthy of it. So when you manifest it, you still sabotage it. And our job is to heal those wounds through looking at the lies through the patterns, through the lens of love at the patterns that say these things aren’t me. Because you can try to manifest stuff all day and you can bring stuff into your life and you can achieve stuff.

Kyle Cease: But if those core wounds aren’t healed, like for instance, if it’s deep-rooted in your body that you’re someone who makes 20,000 a year and then you manifest a million dollars, that’s death to your entire story. So you’re gonna sabotage it.

Kyle Cease: So it’s, healing the story that’s deep-rooted in your subconscious through inner work in the now moving to the actual truth of your worthiness, your freedom, all of what you are, and watching as the world mirrors that it, it’s very easy.

Kyle Cease: It really is. And the ego says it’s not easy, but the soul goes, it’s now Every time I’ve followed the higher thing, it’s taken me to a miraculous new world, and I have stories like that with clients. I’ll tell you a story that isn’t about money, but it is an exact same realm of kind of miraculous.

Karen Curry Parker: Mm-hmm.

Kyle Cease: I had a woman who was a client who came on because she was really upset that her mom hasn’t spoken to her in eight years and she was working with me and she, you know, I got her to a place where I let her see how much control she had and that she’s deciding that her mom’s journey should include her, and that her mom has a right to live her own life and doesn’t owe her anything. She got to a place of total freedom, released the pattern in her body that said my mom should be calling me and staying in contact with me. Truly got to a place of freedom on the call, and at the end of the call, her mom freaking called her.

 (Karen and Kyle laugh)

Kyle Cease: It was almost as if then life was showing her your pattern inside of your body that says this should be happening is the thing that’s blocking it. You’re not making any room for it to happen because you’re trying to control it. And when you finally surrender, what is you let the universe take over and it’s not your five year old you trying to make something happen out of unseen survival patterns.

Karen Curry Parker: I love that. Every time I’m in contact with your work, I’m always reminded of how simple it is and how, our natural tendency, or our unnatural tendency, is to want to make it complicated, but it is simply sometimes as powerful and easy as saying: I’m gonna go do what feels good.

Karen Curry Parker: Which is a mind blowing idea.

Karen Curry Parker: but also I think the most important idea that we can give ourselves the, the gift and the courage to allow. Thank you for all those stories.

Kyle Cease: Yeah, and I just would add to that, if you do what truly feels good, even if you have no measurable result on the other side, meaning like if you’re down to, I should really work extra tonight, but I really want to sit in my backyard and do nothing, I promise you that second one that feels like a 10 energetically will actually bring more abundance to you than you straining and overworking on an egoic construct. The one story keeps your old story alive.

Kyle Cease: The idea of I should that thinking you should, that’s trained condition patterning, and we’re on this planet to learn what we truly are and not just be what we were taught from our childhood. And so when we are saying like, I should do this versus what I want to do, if you start to follow what you want to do, you’re moving more and more to the essence of what you truly are. And every should is not what you are. That’s conditioning you’re wearing. That’s patterned conditioning being thrown at you. And so when you follow what you want, meaning like, I don’t know what this’ll look like, but I’m just gonna let go and do nothing, or I’m going to just call a friend, or my soul wants to eat healthy today, or fast, or just go for a walk.

Kyle Cease: I don’t know what’ll happen. You’re opening the door to a portal that’s trying to take you closer to what you truly are, and you’ll notice that when you’re connected to what you truly are, it’s very abundant. There isn’t a scarcity thinking based on the past. So for people that are like, I’m going to follow what I do want, not what I do want, as long as it makes me money even, not what I do want, and I can see what the results are. This is about you surrendering all shoulds and discovering what you. You’ll be shocked at what’s on the other side.

Karen Curry Parker: Beautiful, beautiful. So your book is The Illusion of Money, the movie, The Illusion of Money, is available to be downloaded and to watch for free on your website, And talk to us for just a minute about the absolutely everything pass.

Kyle Cease: Yes! I’m very proud of the absolutely everything pass. Pass the absolute, why do, why did it sound? Maybe it’s ’cause you spaced it, but I’m like the absolutely everything passed. I don’t even know what my thing’s called. The absolutely everything pass is my membership site and it is insane. First of all, it has over a thousand hours of back footage and events, talks of all kinds of stuff, shifting people.

Kyle Cease: There’s so much on it. But it’s also, we do five to seven or eight probably live events every week. To give you an example, on Sunday I do a live call talk and do a connected meditation. On Monday, we do this thing called “It’s Totally Possible”, where people go into, this sounds like nothing, but it’s so powerful. People go into a room on Zoom with another person and you start listing all the things that are totally possible. Like imagine just looking at 2023 and being like, it’s totally possible that I’m completely infinite. It’s totally possible that I’m really healthy. It’s totally, you speaking these things causes you to start to move in alignment with them, and these people are changing their life doing that.

Kyle Cease: That’s on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, I bring people on and I answer questions. So I’m recording this with you on a Thursday, last night we did a talk where people were asking questions that were crazy and then all these flow-based answers. Friday and Saturday often are things like hot seats where I bring someone on and literally shift them for an hour and we get all kinds of lessons on everything, money, everything.

Kyle Cease: And they’re also a giant community of people. There’s many people that have gotten married to other people on the absolutely everything pass and had kids, there’s people that have become best friends. There are massive amounts of success stories because I believe the highest thing to work on is yourself.

Kyle Cease: One of the things I talk about in the book The Illusion of Money is I have a thing called A Money, B Money, and C Money. A Money is when you just buy something, it has no expansive value, in fact, it’s kind of just addictive, like whatever. You’re just buying something and you get the thing once. Meaning like, you know, whatever beer, or you drink Pepsi or whatever. And A money has a lot of hidden fees like dental and diabetes and everything else, right?

Kyle Cease: B Money is kind of the Robert Kiyosaki, when you invest in something and make your money, make money. So buying assets, your money in the stock market, your money in real estate, that’s cool. I

Kyle Cease: also have a thing called C Money. C money is when you invest in something and it changes you. So a personal trainer is a C money thing. You getting a cabin for a month to go inward and listen to your highest truth is a C money thing. A nutritionist you hiring an assistant, a delegate that takes you to a frequency that’s higher. The byproduct being you’re so different and then way more money coming in. This is a C money investment and the public pays in most cases $79 a month for the absolutely everything pass and for a year it’s $799. The last month we opened up a thing that you can get it for a whole year for $299 if you type the passcode water in. And now, right now, I don’t know, like 50 people a day are coming in, getting that. It’s a giant community of open-hearted people working on the truly most important thing you can work on.

Kyle Cease: This is more important to me than being a dad. Working on me and bringing that into my dad-ness is much more effective than me working on the external. Me working on me, my truest connection, and bringing that in as a friend, as a listener, as a dad. This connection is more important to me than my business.

Kyle Cease: And that’s why the business is thriving, right? So most people work on the external thing. This is you working on you and your connection. $299 is the price for it and it will pay for itself over and over and over and over again. And it’ll also pay for itself in not making bad decisions and not buying expensive things.

Kyle Cease: You’ll be with me on calls shifting. The ironic thing is to do one, one-on-one with me is more than 10 times the price of the year pass. And you’ll probably be doing one-on-ones with me on the pass, so.

Karen Curry Parker: I love that. I love that. Kyle, thank you so much for joining us today. If you all wanna learn more about Kyle’s membership program and get access to the absolutely everything pass, you can either visit Kyle’s website,, where again you can watch Kyle’s movie, The Illusion of Money, or you can visit Again, remember, if you wanna sign up for Kyle’s program with the discount that he was so generously offered today, the discount code is the word WATER. And we’ll post all the details to that offer below in the show notes, so be sure to take advantage of that program.

Karen Curry Parker: Kyle, I wanna thank you so much for being here today, for doing this work that I think takes a tremendous amount of courage for you to bring to us this message that it’s really not that hard. It’s actually simple and it’s supposed to be joyful and fulfilling. And also bringing with us the message, the message I think every one of us needs to hear over and over again until we integrate it not only on the cellular level in our own lives, but to where we begin to integrate this concept on a collective level that you, each and every one of you, each and every one of us, is an essential part of the whole. And the most valuable and precious thing that we can do is to take care of ourselves and be in alignment with that path that only we can follow.

Karen Curry Parker: You, each and every one of you are a unique once in a lifetime cosmic event that’s part of what we teach over and over again in so many different ways, and that you as this once in a lifetime cosmic event, have a unique role to play in this world that only you can play. And that role is a role that is designed to be supported by the universe because it’s that important.

Karen Curry Parker: So thank you Kyle for bringing us that message today. It’s been an honor and a privilege to spend the time with you and I appreciate you so much.

Kyle Cease: I appreciate you so much too. I had fun. Thank you so much for having me and congrats on having a great show and doing great work and it takes one to know one, so everything you just said to me and to the world is accurate for you too. You wouldn’t have that and be saying that if you didn’t, weren’t connected to it yourself, so thank you so much.


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Karen Curry Parker: What if it was easy? What if you don’t need to know how? What if all you have to do is be radically authentic and trust. Kyle Cease shares with us that money is one of the biggest excuses we give ourselves for why we can’t follow our highest calling and step into what we’re meant to become.

Karen Curry Parker: If you wanna be a writer, a painter, an entrepreneur, or anything else, but spend all your time working at a job you don’t like just because it pays the bills, that’s using money as an excuse to disqualify all your unlimited talents and creativity.

Karen Curry Parker: I’ve seen it again and again when I work with clients. As soon as we begin to touch the edges of stories they tell about themselves, they start arguing for their limitations.

Karen Curry Parker: The mantra “I can’t, because (you fill in the blank here)”, runs their lives and the pattern of the limitation repeats itself again, and again, and again. We argue for our limitations because we’re conditioned by fear. What happens if we take a leap of faith and trust that everything will be all right? What happens if we let go and live as if our unique, vital, and irreplaceable role that only we can play in the cosmic plan is so valuable that fulfilling that role automatically creates the exact support you need to keep playing that role.

Karen Curry Parker: If you stop arguing for your limitations, you’d start to see how it’s all possible instead of impossible. There are a million different ways that we let our illusional set of limitations around money keep us from following the excited ideas and dreams that we have, and it might be costing you your life, literally.

Karen Curry Parker: Here’s to you reclaiming that unique, vital, and irreplaceable role that only you can play. Here’s to you breaking free from the illusions and stepping into the truth that you are inherently valuable because you exist. And to tap into that value, all you have to do is be the person you were born to be.

Karen Curry Parker: Wanna learn more about remembering the truth of who you are? Visit and get your free Quantum Human Design chart and start living your life as yourself without hesitation and without limitation.

Karen Curry Parker: I’m Karen Curry Parker. Thank you for joining me for Quantum Revolution.

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