The Science of Adding Heart with Howard Martin

QC - Howard Martin

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There is an intricate web of energy binding us all together under the same sky, unifying us beyond the perceived separateness of our personal human experiences. All of our hearts are beating as One….

Many people think this sounds like wishful thinking.

But scientists are now learning is that this statement, is indeed, true.

The heart actually acts as a separate “brain” if you will. Most of us learned in school that the function of the heart is to pulse and push oxygenated blood through the body via the circulatory system.

But the brain is so much more than that.

Scientists now know that the heart possesses its own intrinsic nervous system—a network of nerves so functionally sophisticated as to earn the description of “heart brain.” Containing over 40,000 neurons, this “little brain” gives the heart the ability to independently sense, process information, make decisions, and even to demonstrate a type of learning and memory. In essence, it appears that the heart is truly an intelligent system.

Research also reveals that the heart is a hormonal gland, manufacturing and secreting numerous hormones and neurotransmitters that profoundly affect brain and body function. Among the hormones the heart produces is oxytocin—well known as the “love” hormone.

Not only have expanded our scientific understanding of the function of the heart, we now are discovering that our hearts do, literally, beat as one and that our hearts have a resonance field – that can impact and influence the hearts of the people around us.

Please join me for a powerful Quantum Conversation with Howard Martin, co-author of the books The HeartMath Solution and Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart. You’re going to hear all about the power of your heart and the science the proves what you may have felt in your heart all along is actually true….