The Science of Miracles with Patti Conklin

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Sometimes we believe pain is necessary to heal. We often don’t have the faith to believe miracles can happen in the blink of an eye. Modern science shows us that there is well….a science…behind creating miracles.

We are learning that healing, true healing, isn’t just about treating symptoms. To truly heal we have the change the template, the energy blueprint of what’s going on in our perception of the world.

Science also shows that we carry, in our energy blueprint, the vibrational artifact of old pains, traumas and conditioning from experiences that happened to us over the course of the journey of our lives. Not only that, your DNA is influenced by events that happened to your family, sometimes even generations before you were born.

These vibrational disruptions in our natural state of well-being are the root cause of pain, disease and suffering. We can treat the pain and the symptoms and feel better, but if we’re going to really heal, we have to also get to the root cause of pain and clear the disruption that old wounds and energies create in our minds, bodies and spirits.

In Patti Conklin’s book, God Within: The Day God’s Train Stopped, she explains how to get to the real root cause of pain and suffering in your life, how to change the vibrational frequency of what you’re experiencing so that you can restore your energy template to the whole, abundant and vital state that is was created to be in….

In other words, she explains the science behind creating a healing miracle in your life.