We don’t need to die to remember… with PMH Atwater

QC-PMH Atwater

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Please join me for this powerful Quantum Conversation with PMH Atwater.  There’s more to life than our day to day existence. We are the infinite parts of an evolving intelligence seeking to express itself through us.

Jewish tradition teaches that babies in the womb are all knowing. They know the history and the story of the Universe. Just before they are born, an angel thumps them on the top of their lips making a tiny dent and causing them to forget all that they know.

It is the process of living our lives that help us remember who we truly are. Our life is a spiral outward, expressing, experiencing, being that causes us to slowly, sometimes very slowly, remember all that we knew before we were born.

People who have journeyed to the edge of life often come back with stories that help us deepen our understanding of who we really are and why we are really here. Sometimes it takes a cataclysmic separation from our human condition to bring us literally and figuratively back to the light.

We don’t need to die to remember.

We are light beings with the capacity to create and see beyond the limitations of our human experience and certainly, maybe now more than ever, we need to pierce the veil of the illusion of our human lives and extend beyond…into a realm of infinite potential and begin to create here, in this dimension, a world of sustainable peace and sustainable resources.