We think we need to “fight” for peace with Carla Goldstein

QC - Carla Goldstein

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We think we need to “fight” for peace.

We take our anger and push against others who hold different views, different perspectives…we use the language of anti-this or that….we use the word resist and we spend our energy gathering ourselves against others.

There is a delicate balance between resistance, fighting for what’s right and using our energy to be fundamentally creative in order to create a true new world order… a new world order where compassion and unity rules.

The shift we are experiencing on the planet right now is creating in us deeply polarized perspectives and it’s easy to fall into a mindset of right and wrong, black and white, masculine and feminine….

But what we’ve learned from the past is that anytime we create “othering” of each other, we are at risk of de-humanizing each other.

And history has shown us again and again that when we dehumanize a set of people, it becomes too easy to justify marginalizing them or, even worse, hurting them or attempting to wipe them from the face of the planet.

It’s a slippery slope and, no matter what your perspective, we are all collectively vulnerable to sliding down that slope. Again, history shows us that “normal” people like you and me bought into ideals and perspectives – albeit oftentimes out of fear – that dehumanized a group of people and that de-humanization created terrible suffering on the planet.

If you look at an x-ray of a person, or look at their blood cells under a microscope, you wouldn’t know if that person is a racist, or African-American, if they were Christian or Jewish or Muslim, you wouldn’t know their gender preference or if they are vegetarian or a meat-eater.

Underneath our skin we are more alike than different.

If we are going to create a world where compassion rules, we can not fight each other in an epic battle of perceived right and wrong. Yes, we have to take action. Love is a verb and we have to disallow acts that are morally and ethically wrong and unacceptable in the name of LOVE.

But how do we create a new world order of love and compassion – how do we take right action and not continue to trigger polarized consciousness.

Please enjoy this powerful and vital quantum conversation with Carla Goldstein as we discuss how to take fearless action in times of disruption.