What a Year! Welcoming in 2022

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Thank you for joining us for the first half of Season 5 of Quantum Revolution! Each week, Karen Curry Parker engaged in intimate conversations with cutting-edge scientists, spiritual leaders, artists, disrupters, and visionaries. We can continue to work together in 2022 to reframe the narrative of our future by healing the rift between spirituality and science, reclaiming creativity, and laying the foundation for a new world. 

We can’t wait to see what the New Year brings, make sure you check out the first release from Quantum Revolution in 2022 featuring Dr. Amit Goswami, and Dr. Valentina Onisor on January 7th. Start your New Year off with a bout of inspiration!

To find out more about Karen and her guests and to hear all of our past episodes, please visit and follow us at https://quantumrevolutionpodcast.com/

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