What if Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad and the Divine Mother had a conversation?


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We often make the process of life kind of complicated. Even the teachings of many personal growth and human potential teachers is complex.

We have to visualize, hold specific frequencies of energy, think positive – never waiver in our striving to live an evolved life…

But what if the path of living a good life is a simple process of untangling the mind and simply being present to the nature of the heart of who we truly are. If Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, and the Divine Mother were to meet in conversation, what would each think of the other’s spiritual points of views?

In Maresha Donna Ducharmes book, The Way Home to Love: A Guide to Peace in Turbulent Times, she distills down primary teachings from many ancient and modern religions into a simple manifesto outlining how we can return to the heart of our true essence.

In this episode of Quantum Conversations, Maresha shares with us how the heart essence – that core inner place of alignment with the true nature of the universe – holds the key to changing the world and stabilizing your own experience as we go through this incredible planetary cycle of transformation and growth.