“Wholing” with Rashmi Khilnani

QC - Rashmi Khilnani

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We are not healing.  We are “wholing”.  This is the powerful word Rashmi Khilani gave me in our Quantum Conversation together. 

Our intention, as we wake up and consciously evolve this world, needs to not be to fix what’s broken, but to instead to focus on what is working and shift our perspective to new meanings.

Meanings full of potential and possibility.  Abundance, sustainability, equitable and peaceful for all. 

We are in the process of turning our attention to a higher level of experience, creating new meanings that empower us, and solving the challenges facing humanity today.  This is an era of the heart, where compassion rules the day and the meanings we evolve for the world serve the greater great of the whole.


We are shifting, evolving and growing.  We are not broken but exquisitely perfect.  And creating higher levels of alignment each and every day.

Enjoy this week’s Quantum Conversation with author, leading-edge movie producer, visionary leader and spiritual teacher, Rashmi Khilnani.