Why weirdness matters and more insights into Being “different” with Jacob Nordby

QC-Jacob Nordby

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Blessed are the weird!

What a boring world we would be living in if everyone was the same.

The evolution of humanity is dependent on people who want things to stay the same. And also on people who are weird.

There are those of us who are designed to be different. Not out of rebellion. Not to prove some point. Not out of a youthful need to differentiate ourselves from our parents or our lineage.

But because we are here to change the world. To take bold action to expand the understandings and the possibilities for humanity. To be the carriers of cultural mutation.

Because without mutation, we’d never grow and expand.

Weird people bring us music, art, poetry, stories, scientific breakthroughs, cultural trends and so much more.

Weird people change the way we see ourselves, open our minds up to new potential solutions, help us see reality with fresh eyes.

And help us understand what has come before with a new perspective.

Please join me and author of Blessed are the Weird, inspirational leader and speaker, Jacob Nordby for this week’s Quantum Conversation!