You are valuable because you exist and more Truths from Spiritual Teacher, Paul Selig

QC - Paul Selig

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We are standing on the edge of a powerful time on the planet.  All of the confusion that we have had in the past about who we are and, most importantly, the value of who you are is coming to a head and our outer reality is reflecting back to us where we are in consciousness.

It’s easy to slip into a mindset that there is an “outer” reality and an “inner” reality and that what happens in the outer reality is something out there –  It’s also easy to slip into a mindset that, because you’ve been tending to your spiritual life, your mindset, etc, that if you see something that you don’t like or that is not “in alignment” with your beliefs that it’s somehow not a part of you.

There is no outer reality and we are all of it. 

All of it.

Even the bits you don’t like.

But we are not powerless over what’s been created on the planet. In fact we are extremely powerful.

Paul Selig tells us that when one of us wakes up, it wakes up a 1000 people.

And if you sit with this vision for a moment, those 1000 people waking up wake up a million more and so on and so on.

But before we can wake up, we have to remember who we really are.  We have to remember why we are here and we have to remember the inherent value of each and every one of us.

Please join me for this week’s Quantum Conversation with Author, Channel and spiritual teacher, Paul Selig.