Becoming Supernatural with Dr Joe Dispenza

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If you’ve been on a path of spiritual evolution for any period of time, you’ve probably run across stories about people who have the ability to transcend our material experience and do supernatural things, like manifest an apple out of thin air, levitate or be able to press their hand through hard rock with the greatest of ease.

Usually it’s a highly ascended master of some sort, like Jesus, who walked on water, for example, or a highly trained yogi who has spent years meditating in a cave in Tibet.

But ordinary, every day people can also transcend the expectations of our physical form and the limitations of our “reasonable” knowledge. There are people who defy the odds and heal themselves from cancer and other terrible diseases, people who are able to change the nature of their lives and transform themselves quickly in renewed abundant ways.

What if achieving the supernatural isn’t necessarily about mastering some difficult spiritual mindset – I mean who can really afford to spend 20 years in a cave – but rather a skill set that involves learning how to harness our innate creative capacity?

Dr. Joe Dispenza, in his new book, Becoming Supernatural, shows us exactly how we can transcend the limitations of physical existence and learn to live a quantum life – a life that allows us to create in miraculous ways as part of our every day experience.

We are standing on the leading edge of science, where we are beginning to understand that the esoteric teachings of ancient mystics are actually rooted in patterns and possibilities that can be duplicated and repeated consistently time and time again.

In other words, we are “proving” with our new understandings of quantum physics and neurobiology, that we are truly powerful beyond our belief and that our bodies are actually hard-wired to harness a creative power that allows us to create in supernatural ways each and every day.

Please join me for this powerful Quantum Conversation with Dr. Joe Dispenza.