Turn on your innate Wisdom with Ellen Tadd

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People often lean towards either trusting their gut or relying on their analytical mind.

But what if the powerful synthesis of your experience, soul and personality integrated – wisdom gives you deeper, more aligned insights and practical solutions to the choices you need to make in your life?

What if you know how to connect to deeper, more fundamental way than you realize?

We sometimes forget that we are passengers in this Earth experience. Your soul is simply occupying your life right now – a temporary experience designed with a purpose set in place by your soul.

When we rely on the human experience to give us our insights and to help us make decisions in our life, we are reacting to our temporary status instead of pulling from the timeless wisdom of our infinite selves.

According to Ellen Tadd, author of The Infinite View, A Guidebook for Life on Earth, Spirit is the God Force that animates and empowers us and suffuses everyone and everything. But while Spirit is conscious and communicative, we haven’t been taught to look for or listen to it. In fact, most of us have been conditioned not to look or listen.

Please join me for a powerful Quantum conversation with Ellen as we discuss how you can make powerful choices in your life by learning to tune into your innate wisdom.